Manufacturing process control and quality assurance are elements of a quality management system, which is the set of policies, procedures, and processes used to ensure the quality of a product or a service. Identifying, understanding, and managing a system of interrelated processes for a given objective contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.

It is widely acknowledged that an ideal quality management system improve the quality of the products and services produced, thereby improving customer satisfaction, market share, sales growth and competitive advantage.

Asia Bulk Sacks, for decades, have pioneered management techniques intended to improve quality continuously. We inevitably place great emphasis on managing quality control, involving carefully planned steps to ensure that the products and services offered to customers are consistent, reliable and truly meet their needs.

Our production process involves stringent quality control procedure, as an integral part, for all the products, sourced and in-house manufactured.

Broadly, we perform the inspection of goods at three different stages.

In-Coming Inspection

This section performs quality checks for the goods which are sourced and used as inputs in the manufacturing process.

All PP / LDPE granules, master batches, juki yarn, multifilament, document pocket, rubber stereo, felt, B-lock / rope lock, wooden pallets, ink and other sourced products are inspected to have achieve the required standards...

In-Process Inspection

All the bags / bag components under production are inspected in this section.

  • Extrusion: Denier, strength, width and elongation of tapes.
  • Weaving: Fabric width, mesh, texture, GSM, marking color code, breaking strength and elongation.
  • Needle Loom: Width, strength and weight per meter of webbing.
  • Lamination: Bonding and thickness.
  • Liner: Dimensions, thickness, open ability, sealing, breaking strength and elongation.
  • Cutting: Weight per piece, cut length and width of all fabric, loops etc.
  • Stitching: Type of stitching, attachment, loop and other component fixing.
  • Finishing: Production sample against each order is prepared and checked for customer specification. Final production to start on first sample approval only. Visual inspection of all the bags under production for overall appearance and contamination. One bag out of every 25 bags is checked for the dimensions of attached parts and main body as per customer specifications.

Final Inspection

QA in-charge is responsible to carry out the operation of final inspection. 25% of ordered bales are randomly inspected with minimum 20 number of samples per bale for dimension of all the attached parts and main body, contamination, print matter, packing and bale/pallet marking.

Bag must pass as per customer requirement. In case of deviation, lot will be segregated for said defects. After appropriate corrections, lot will be re-inspected and based on positive re-inspection results only, lot can be accepted for onward dispatch.


  •   ISO 14001:2015 Certificate
  •   BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Certificate
  •   ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
  •   ISO 22000:2005 Certificate
  •   Certificate of Membership
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